thats cool

this is not photoshopped

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((Due to the flood in my country, I wont be able to response for this blog for awhile since the flood raised up and my house got it too epp. I have evacuated and being safe in the place with lousy internet and no tablet. Hopefully about month, things will get better and I will getting back to my place. See you next month<3))

im nun of time

((credit aze for nundave lmao))

Your name is DAVE STRIDER. 

And you’re asked to make a contract by some creature
that resembles one of Bro’s anime collections.

Usually a cool dude like you would probably say no
because it’s NONSENSE and think it must be one of Bro’s IRONIC game 


You are now consider EVERYTHING
that could SAVE YOUR ASS in this moment.



((Thank you really~!))

((and i will try answer questions by tmr ehehehe))

starting from monday, answers will be lately replied

((college starts ; w ; although, i cant promise that i can answer all of them, but I will try to answer as many and as fast as i can

probably most of them will be answered on weekend))